Tenancy Support Service

The Tenancy Support Service offers short-term support to customers who are vulnerable, at risk or in crisis. We can help develop the skills you need to make a success of your tenancy.

The service, run by our sister company Loretto, works with tenants and other members of the households aged 16 years and over.

Support lasts for around eight weeks, with each person receiving one or two visits per week. Speak to your housing officer or ask for support online at My DC.

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What type of people need help?

It's for customers with low-level needs, although customers with mental health, addiction or money problems can also get help. Other groups include:

  • young, vulnerable tenants about to start their first tenancy
  • tenants who have moved to a new area and feel overwhelmed or isolated
  • tenants struggling to furnish their home
  • people on benefits or low incomes with debts or who face a drop in their benefits due to welfare reform, losing their job, their relationship breaking down or ill-health
  • people who have mental and emotional difficulties and are not coping
  • people with drug or alcohol issues
  • people with changing needs – this can be old age, disability or a change in the people living in your home
  • people experiencing anti-social behaviour, poor property conditions or other issues that might trigger ‘not coping’.

What type of help can I get?

You can get:

  • new budgeting skills and get confidence controlling your finances
  • support to deal with welfare reforms and get ready for Universal Credit
  • information on community support services
  • access to jobs and training support
  • advice on how to deal with official letters.