Purr-fect therapy for tenants

Dunedin Canmore tenants who need extra support in and around Oxgangs are feline good thanks to a therapet.

Hamish the therapy cat

Hamish the cat, who belongs to Dunedin Canmore tenant Fiona Tait, is training to become an accredited therapet and visit people in homes and nursing homes.

Research shows therapets can help by lowering blood pressure, cheering people up and providing comfort.

Fiona said: “He was different from the start. He has always loved human company.

“I taught him commands like sit, stay, lay down, paw up and high fives. Friends and family thought it was amazing and someone mentioned he might make a good therapet.

“I contacted Canine Concern Scotland to find out more and they said it was very rare for cats to be therapets, it’s usually just dogs, but I knew Hamish had the potential to provide comfort to people. I told them about his love for humans and they sent me an application pack.

“Once he’s qualified he’ll be allowed into any establishment – like a guide dog. I’m really proud of him, he’s a wonderful animal and always cheers me up.”

Tuesday, August 28, 2018