Getting closer to our customers

Dunedin Canmore got people talking about the things that matter to them at a community event in Dunlaw Wynd, in Gracemount Edinburgh.

Dunlaw Wynd community event

Tenants enjoyed the sunshine while catching up with their housing officer about recent investment work and how they want to improve the area. Staff from Dunedin Canmore’s Neighbourhood Environmental Teams also attended the event.

Ian Murray MP popped along to meet customers and was given a tour of the development to see what Dunedin Canmore has done to improve the lives of the people living there.

Tenant Stephanie Flynn, 24, was there to chat to her housing officer. She said: “I think events like these are good because it gets everyone to speak up and we know that we’re all getting heard. Everyone gets an understanding on what’s going on.”

Mr Murray was impressed with Dunedin Canmore’s proactive approach to engaging with tenants in the area. He said: “What Dunedin Canmore is doing with these events is critical. It’s very important. It’s a case of keeping communication going and responding to tenants and explaining why Dunedin Canmore does what it does.

“It’s about engagement. When you’re able to create good relationships things run a lot smoother.”

Housing officer Stuart Flynn said: “It’s been a great event today. Thanks to all the tenants who came along and gave us their feedback.

Kirsty Wilson, pictured above, came along to the event with her family.

“We’re working hard to make sure we’re engaging with people in a way that best suits them and these events really help us get closer to customers.”

Dunedin Canmore has nearly 20 more local events planned over the summer. To find out about events happening near you speak to your housing officer.

Monday, June 24, 2019