Dunfermline garden group is a blooming success

A community garden in Dunfermline has been given a makeover thanks to a tenant gardening group - and Dunedin Canmore's gardening team.

Dunfermline community garden gets a makeover

Tenants from the Richmond Fellowship, which provides support for people with a range of issues including mental health and learning disabilities, got together to repaint the garden furniture and the fencing surrounding the patio area.

The volunteers also got a helping hand from Dunedin Canmore's gardening team which supplied replacement planting and new chips to cover the borders. It's another way we Dunedin Canmore is helping improve our communities.

Gavin Colville, Senior Support Worker at the Richmond Fellowship said: “It’s been great for the tenants to get involved in the painting and the design of the garden themselves as well as having the help from Dunedin Canmore staff for the gardening expertise.

“Once it’s finished it will be great to get everyone together to have BBQs and it’s a chance to get to know their neighbours. We’ve all enjoyed being outside with the good weather and getting some exercise.”

Friday, August 17, 2018