West Lothian and Midlothian

Are you looking for a home in West Lothian or Midlothian? Here's what you need to know.

Linlithgow, West Lothian

To apply for a home in West Lothian, you will need to complete a Dunedin Canmore application form. You will be awarded points and added to our housing list. Points are awarded for a variety of different housing and personal circumstances.

To apply for a home in Midlothian, you should apply for housing to Midlothian Council, as we allocate  our Midlothian homes from Midlothian Council’s housing list”.

As we have a low turnover of vacancies in these areas, we recommended that you apply to other social housing providers in the area.

We also have nomination arrangements in place with the local Councils in these areas, which means that some of our vacancies are allocated to applicants on the Council's housing list. In order to be considered for nomination you will need to be included on the local authority housing list.

    How are points awarded?

    Points are awarded depending on your housing and personal circumstances. Points may be awarded for:

    • homelessness
    • overcrowding
    • property defects
    • insecure and temporary accommodation
    • medical problems related to present accommodation
    • need for a special type of housing
    • need to be rehoused for social or personal reasons
    • isolation.

      Once your points have been added up we will place you in one of the following groups:

      • homeless
      • social/support
      • economic/independence
      • medical
      • transfer
      • general.

      What are points awarded for?

      ReasonNumber of points
      Lack of secure accommodation10-30 (depending on circumstances)
      Overcrowding15 (add five additional points for each bedroom short)
      Poor housing/lack of amenities5-10 (for each defect)
      Sharing basic amenities2-10 (depending on what is shared and with how many people)
      Medical A45
      Medical B25
      Social A35
      Social B25
      Social C15
      Support A15
      Support B10
      Support C5
      Under-occupation15 (Add two additional points for each bedroom not used)

      When we'll be in touch

      Once we receive your application form, you'll be sent a letter within five working days confirming you have been accepted onto the Allocation List.

      We may ask for a reference from your previous landlord, although references can only be obtained with the applicant’s approval. There may be a delay in processing your application while we wait for a reference.

      A poor reference may result in your application being suspended until you have addressed the problem.

      lf you feel we have not assessed your application fairly or properly you may appeal to the Housing Manager. The Housing Manager will consider the case, taking into account any new information and notifying you of the outcome of the appeal within 28 days.

      How many bedrooms can I apply for?

      You will have been given a list of the size and type of properties we have in different areas.

      Some types of properties in certain areas are rarely available and you may have to wait a long time for a vacancy.

      The size of property you can apply for depends largely on the size of your household. Check out the table below.

      Number of peopleNumber of bedrooms
      Single people and couplesOne
      Family with one childTwo
      Family with two children of same sex under the age of 14Two
      Two children of same sex, where one is over the age of 14Three
      Two children of different sexes, where one is over the age of 7Three
      Three or more childrenThree
      Unrelated adultsOne bedroom each

      Note: Applicants with overnight access to children may apply for one bedroom or two bedrooms if proof of access arrangements is provided.

      Cancelled applications

      An application may be cancelled if:

      • you regularly fail to respond to our letters without good reason.
      • you ask us to cancel your application.

      Changes in your circumstances

      lf your personal or housing situation changes you must tell us as soon as possible.

      Your position on the Allocation List may need reviewed.

      Should you move home, you must complete a new application form for the new address.

      Annual review of your application

      We'll contact you once a year to ask if you still wish to be considered for housing.

      lf you do not respond within 14 days, your application may be removed from the list.

      Allocations policy

      We aim to treat all applicants equally, regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

      All applications will be dealt with in confidence.

      We review our Allocation Policy once a year to make sure it remains fair and up to date.

      Copies of the full Allocation Policy are available on request.

      Joint tenancies

      lf you are applying for housing with another person, for example a spouse or partner, please consider carefully whether you wish to have a joint tenancy.

      A joint tenancy means you and the joint tenant will both be equally liable for paying the rent and any arrears which are due.

      You will also both be liable for any other breaches of tenancy, for example anti-social behaviour or damage to property. Action will be taken against both tenants.

      lf you do not wish to have a joint tenancy, you should include your partner as a member of the household on section 10 of the application form.