Play your part in improving your community

We want you – yes YOU – to help improve your neighbourhood.

Tenants can get accredited training with Keep Scotland Beautiful

Wheatley has joined forces with environmental experts at Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) to help improve our communities.

KSB has its own prestigious National Award for Environmental Excellence and they’ve been working with staff and tenants across Wheatley, including Dunedin Canmore, WLHP and Barony, to improve neighbourhoods.

Now we’re looking for tenant volunteers to be trained in environmental monitoring.

The training sessions will allow you to become accredited KSB assessors with a certificate in Environmental Monitoring.

We’ll then ask those folk to go out and assess our neighbourhoods using what they learned from KSB at the training session.

It’s a great chance to improve your neighbourhood – and learn new skills at the same time.

The training session is at New Mart Road, Edinburgh, on Thursday, 31 October at 1pm.

We can arrange transport if you need it. Phone 0141 274 8296 or email for details.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019