What you can expect from us

We are committed to great customer service and exceeding your expectations in everything we do. Our commitments tell you how we will do this and what you can expect from us.

We are always looking to improve our performance and we have updated our customer commitments to reflect this.

They include:

  • Responding to your telephone enquiry within one working day
  • Responding to any emails, letters or text messages from you within two working days
  • Acknowledging complaints within two working days and giving you a decision within five working days or informing you if further investigation is needed
  • Attending emergency repairs within 3.5 hours
  • Answering your calls to our customer service centre within 30 seconds.

Click on our customer commitments factsheet to find out more. 

You can read about our latest performance results below.

Our latest performance results

November 2017

Repairs and maintenance

92.78% of customers who had a repair done were happy with the service. That’s a 4.19% improvement on last years’ satisfaction result. We introduced a new repairs service in 2017 and we’re really pleased to hear that customers are finding that it works better for them.

The time it takes us to complete emergency repairs has improved, it now only takes us, on average, 2.74 hours compared to the 3.12 hours it took us last year. We will continue to work to improve our emergency repair times so that customers are confident they can expect a quick service when they most need it.

We also improved the time it takes to complete a non-emergency repair by nearly one day. In 2017 it took us 5.41 days compared to last year when it took us 6.46 days.

We completed 100% of gas safety checks this year, making sure all of our customers stay safe in their homes.


100% of our customers were happy with the investment in our existing homes. Customers all across Dunedin Canmore communities are benefitting from new kitchens, bathrooms and gas central heating systems to keep homes comfortable and warm. You can see what investment is happening in your area here.

We cut our time to let homes by 9 days – meaning we housed people more quickly.

100% of customers were satisfied with the standard of their home when they moved in. That’s almost a 15% improvement on last year.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Centre answered 8557 calls in the month of November in an average of 32 seconds which was better than the previous month  - our aim is to answer all calls within 30 seconds and we will continue to improve on this.


If we don’t get things right, we’ll listen and learn so we can stop it happening again. 

Between April and November 2017, we received 411 complaints from Dunedin Canmore tenants about a recent experience. 

96.55% of all complaints were responded to within our set timescales.

When we looked at the issues in more detail, we found that in almost half of these complaints we could have done more to get it right first time. 

We’ve shared your experiences with staff and managers so we can learn from our mistakes and stop it happening again. 

These included examples of where you were unhappy with the quality of a repair and your experience of arranging an appointment for a repair to be completed.

Helping customers get into work

We helped 6 customers from Dunedin Canmore communities get into work in 2017 thanks to the Wheatley Pledge and our Modern Apprenticeship programme.

You can find out more about the Wheatley Pledge here and our Modern Apprenticeships here.

External measures

We aim to deliver excellent services – and we set targets to measure how we’re doing.

The Scottish Housing Regulator expects all social landlords, including Dunedin Canmore, to perform well and monitors what we do.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter sets the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should aim to achieve when performing their housing activities.

We report each year on our performance against these standards and outcomes. This is called the Annual Return on the Charter.