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Dunedin Harbour

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Dunedin Harbour

Dunedin Harbour is part of the Dunedin Canmore Housing Group. We first opened in 2001 in partnership with CEC. Primarily we provide emergency accommodation and support with resettlement to those who are homeless but recognise that homelessness is not merely a matter of accommodation and that in order to achieve sustainable accommodation outcomes, service users often require support with a range of support needs.

The service was designed to overcome barriers for service users and therefore we accommodate couples and service users with animals, whilst we operate as a wet hostel (alcohol can be consumed in service user’s rooms) and actively promote harm reduction in relation to substance misuse. Every service user has an individually agreed support plan which is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Staff will signpost and support service users to engage with external agencies depending on need. This support promotes independent living to enable sustained resettlement from the hostel.

We also provide a range of support in house, including employability, welfare rights, harm reduction and addiction services, health services (inc. dentist & opticians), vet surgeries, Good Food Programme, IT classes etc.

Our hostel residents and staff from Dunedin Harbour Hostel talk about the huge positive impact their gym group has had on their lives.

Where to find us:
4 Parliament Street

Tel: 0131 624 5800
Fax: 0131 624 5801

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